CHEMSORB – Safe & Effective Solutions for Liquid Spill Management
  • Contain the SpillCHEMSORBConvenient Sorbent Delivery to the Spill
    CHEMSORB® is packaged in a variety of convenient diking tubes, pillows, kits and loose sorbent pack outs. Spill disposal bags with appropriate hazmat labels are included in CHEMSORB® kits and are available separately. Our sorbent delivery combinations make it easy to handle and apply the needed amount of sorbent and the configuration required to contain the spill.

  • CHEMSORB® Inhibits Vaporization
    At the microscopic level, CHEMSORB® displays one it’s most distinguishing characteristics. Created from a high heat expansion process from naturally-occurring siliceous volcanic rock, individual particles of CHEMSORB® have a very high surface area, with countless internal porous spaces. CHEMSORB® actually inhibits vaporization of absorbed liquids by trapping vapors between these air spaces. This property reduces the danger of hazardous volatile chemicals during the cleanup process. CHEMSORB® is also chemically inert, so it won’t react with or change the chemical you are managing.
  • Product Testing
    CHEMSORB® has been tested with over 100 industrial chemicals including acids, alkalis, hydrocarbons, pesticides and chlorinated compounds. You can use it to stop virtually any type of spill…without guesswork…without mistakes. CHEMSORB® will not react with hazardous materials or add any pollution problems of its own. See our CHEMSORB® Absorption Data Chart of independent test lab pick up ratings for common industrial and agricultural chemicals.

    Absorption Chart
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  • Spill Savers

    Be Prepared for Spill Emergencies
    Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime, even in the safest facility. When hazardous spills occur, you must be prepared to take action immediately. Regulatory agencies require it…legislation demands it…your safety counts on it. Current regulations require a spill prevention and countermeasure plan for those who store, use and dispense hazardous or potentially dangerous materials. The user is responsible for control, clean-up and legal disposal of all hazardous spills. CHEMSORB® is a high-performance, universal, non-selective sorbent – it will pick up liquid anywhere. Since most spills do 90% of their damage in the first few moments, CHEMSORB® is specially formulated to work faster than any other product on the market.

CHEMSORB – Safe & Effective Solutions for Liquid Spill Management