What Can CHEMSORB Do For You?

The diversity of applications within multiple markets for CHEMSORB® Universal Sorbents means that we are asked all the time about the suitability for particular liquid management situations – whether it be for use in clean rooms – for example whether CHEMSORB® can be heat or steam sterilized (yes), or about landfill compatibility, or whether it meets certain use standards.

For example, a few years ago we were asked to measure and report compatability to the N 2580 corporate standard for the Robert Bosch Company, for auxiliary manufacturing materials supplied to the Bosch Group Germany and business units worldwide, including for automotive, industrial, consumer goods and building technology units.

Meeting the standard required us to measure and report chemical content of CHEMSORB® against maximum limit values for each chemical.

In case you’re curious, the results of this analysis is shown below – CHEMSORB® passes with flying colors!

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Gary Wilson
Matrix Management, Inc.

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