Scientific/Lab Spill Response Kit


Comprised of 3 separate absorbents and tools to pick up a wide range of aggressive chemicals while remaining chemically inert – ideal for laboratory spills. Unique color changing absorbent lets the responder know when the spill has been neutralized and ready to handle.
• Improve productivity and efficiency by placing spill kits throughout the laboratory areas prone to spills

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Qty 1 – Yellow spill response duffel bag,
Qty 10 – Universal absorbent pads (15″ x 19″),
Qty 2 – Diking tubes (3.5″ x 48″),
Qty 1 – Pair best nitri-solve gloves (XL),
Qty 1 – Temp spill disposable bag,
Qty 1 – 1 Gal loose absorbent – SP30GA,
Qty 1 – 1 Gal loose absorbent – SP60AN,
Qty 1 – 1 Gal loose absorbent – SP70CA,
Qty 1 – Basic Tyvek coverall (XL),
Qty 1 – Utility dust mask,
Qty 1 – Dust pan/broom,
Qty 1 – Spill kit instructions


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