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universal sorbent drum topper

CHEMSORB GA – General Absorbent Heavy-Duty Recycled Absorbent Barrel Top Pads, (10) per box

$57.48 $49.98

Mfg. Model Number: SP33GA-DT10

  • Universally absorbs all liquids, trapping them inside the dimpled structure
  • Keep the shop safe and clean from dangerous spills
  • Save time, save money and leave a cleaner environment
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22″ Diameter Universal Absorbent Drum Toppers, SP33GA-DT10, ideal for standard 55 gallon drums to stop liquid spills. Rapidly soaks up all liquids, both oil-based and water-based. Packed 10 per box. Will absorb 6.5 gallons per pad.

  • Heavy Duty Weight Pads: these high-performance sorbent pads are ideal for industrial plants, machine shops, maintenance shops, absorb 6.5 gallons per box.
  • Dimpled Absorbent Pads: designed with dimpled structure, these absorbent pads with low linting formation tend to universally absorb all liquids that trap them inside the dimpled structure.
  • Cleaning Solution: keep the space clean with these universal sorbent pads that are used for soaking up both oil and water-based fluids and are ideal for indoor use.
  • Durable Pads: cleaning pads with high-performance dimpled structure tend to facilitate fast absorption. Reusable, conveniently-sized pads are perfect for 55 gallon drums.
  • Specifications includes: (10) Universal absorbent pads for 55 gallon drum, 22 inches across, heavy duty pad, will absorb 6.5 gallons per pad.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 22.5 x 22.5 x 4 in

Application: Universal Absorbent for all liquids including both oil-based and water-based

Absorbs: oil, grease, diesel fuel, gasoline, aviation fuel, chemicals, antifreeze, inks & dyes, solvents, coolants, pesticides, alcohols, aldehydes, caustic soda, aromatic hydrocarbons, paints, polymer monomers, acids (except Hydrofluoric Acid), and more.

Includes: 10 pads per box

Mfg. Model Number: SP33GA-DT10

Warranty: 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Absorbency per pack: up to 6.5 gallons of oil per bale

Color: Grey

Country of Origin: USA

Composition: Polypropylene

Container Type: BOX

Sell Pack Description: 4" High, 22.5" Long, 22.5" Wide


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