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CHEMSORB Commando Spill Containment Kit, SP30GA-COM, Safety Spill Kit with Proprietary De-Dusting Technology, a Universal absorbent, lightweight, silica free, FDA 21 CFR and NSF Certified. Will absorb up to 5 gallons per kit.

  • Functional Spill Kit: spill prevention kit can be easily stored in your vehicle and kept in the warehouse or shop to deliver quick response to chemical spills up to 5 gallons.
  • Easy to Handle: Lightweight Universal absorbent can be easily carried to the spill site. Silica free, Certified by NSF Category Code J1, approved for use in food processing facilities. FDA 21 CFR.
  • Multipurpose Absorbent: Ideal for oil, grease, diesel fuel, gasoline, aviation fuel, chemicals, antifreeze, inks and dyes, solvents, coolant, pesticides, alcohols, aldehydes and aromatic hydrocarbons.
  • Suitable Spill Absorbent: Silica free and De Dusted technology makes Chemsorb 50% less dusty than other perlite products. The advanced technology promotes fast absorption and enables you to use it comfortably.
  • Specification includes: (2) 3×48″ GA diking tubes, (4) 8.5×17.5″ GA Pillows, (2) HazMat bags, (1) pair 15 mil XL gloves, (1) pair goggles, (1) pair boot covers and an instruction sheet in (1) High Visibility Yellow bag.

Chemsorb Commando Spill Containment Kit, SP30GA-COM is the #1 slim and portable spill response kit for transportation. Formulated with our de-dusted (less dusty) General Absorbent (GA), it fits easily in your vehicle and may be hung in the warehouse or shop to provide immediate response to chemical spills. CHEMSORB will absorb 7 times more liquid than the leading clay brands and do it 3 times faster. Ideal for transportation, pesticide-hauling vehicles, chemical handlers and haulers or around mixing and storage areas. The Commando kit is packed in a highly visible yellow, chemical resistant carry bag. Lightweight, silica free, FDA 21 CFR and NSF Certified, safe for spills in and around food processing and transportation. Fluid pickup rating is 5 gallons per kit. Kit includes: (2) CHEMSORB® GA Diking Tubes (3″x48″), (4) CHEMSORB® GA Pillows (16″x9″x2″), (2) HazMat disposal bags, (1) pair 15 mil Nitrile gloves, (1) pair safety goggles, (1) pair Tychem SL Saranex boot covers, (1) High visibility yellow chemical resistant bag and an instruction sheet. CHEMSORB will save you time, money and leave a cleaner environment.

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 16 × 7 in


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