CleanUp Biohazard Absorbent, 12 bags refill

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  • Clean Up will maximize performance and negate airborne dusting with new manufacturing technology that increases the weight of the liquid active ingredients applied to the mineral by 350 percent!
  • Clean Up will encapsulate odors. Clean Up feels moist due to a large load of natural protein- based agents that will capture offensive gases (including petroleum) and restrict them from becoming airborne.
  • Cleans the contaminated surface while lifting bodily fluids or wastes, additional product can be applied to penetrate into porous surfaces.
  • Clean Up will reduce liability by quickly eliminating dangerous biohazard liquid or oil spills and immediately increase coefficient of friction on floors and walking surfaces.
  • Clean Up is protected by an EPA registered antimicrobial barrier and will hold captured contaminants to include chemo spills and is considered non-leaching for landfills.

Clean Up was designed to reduce response time to biohazard incidents. This self-contained kit will reduce response time, saving labor and reducing the liability for cross contamination. The powerful absorption properties will pick up the liquid, reducing slip and fall incidences to enhance risk management programs. Built-in liquid dosing of odor counteractant and antimicrobial barrier negates the need to purchase additional odor control products. 12 bags

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in


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