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Chemsorb Slick Stopper Oil Only Absorbent

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  • Advanced technology will not absorb any water in or around spill site
  • Quickly absorbs hydrocarbon liquids leaving a safer environment
  • Absorbs 7X it's weight in liquid
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  • Absorbs hydrocarbon liquids and repels water. Chemsorb Slick Stopper is safe for environmental or industrial clean up. It traps chemicals in its’ core leaving the water behind.
  • A true absorbent. Chemsorb SS pulls the hydrocarbons into its’ core and traps them while leaving the water behind.
  • Chemsorb SS can absorb up to 7 times its’ own weight in liquid. Use less product and pick up 5 times more than leading products.
  • How important is time when cleaning up an oil spill in water? Chemsorb Slick Stopper will absorb spills 3 times faster than the leading brand and not absorb any water in the process.
  • Lighter than leading clay brands. Chemsorb SS is easier to transport to the spill site, easier to handle, absorbs 7 times more and costs less to dispose than leading brands, saving time and money!

Chemsorb SS (Slick Stopper) absorbent is a uniquely engineered, lightweight absorbent that is completely hydrophobic (water proof). Slick Stopper is formulated to remove hydrocarbons from spills in water, or can be used in filtration systems to remove hydrocarbons from water. This special engineered solution will absorb the oil and leave the water behind. Chemsorb SS is the leading lightweight, fast acting absorbent formulated to quickly clean up hydrocarbon liquids including: oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, aviation fuel, petroleum, kerosene, motor oils and transmission oils. Based on all natural perlite, this product is enhanced with a proprietary de-dusting and hydrophobic technology which facilitates ease of use and fast absorption. Chemsorb SS technology will absorb 7 times more than leading clay or cellulose brands and do it 3 times faster. Chemsorb SS meets all OSHA and EPA standards and it is silica free. Chemsorb SS will absorb more oil while leaving all the water behind and use less product to do it. Slick Stopper will reduce your disposal cost (in weight), while saving you time, money and leaving behind a cleaner environment.

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1 Gallon Bag, 5 Gallon Bag, 5 Gallon Pail, 30 Gallon Fiber Drum

Application: Absorbs hydrocarbon liquids and repells water

Absorbs: Absorbs: oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, aviation fuel, petroleum, kerosene, motor oils, transmission oils and dyes & ink.

Color: White

Country of Origin: USA

Composition: Perlite

Warranty: 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Container Types : BAG, PAIL, DRUM

Unit Measure : 1 GAL, 5 GAL, 30 GAL

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    Kendra S. (verified owner)

    This worked great! Very happy with this purchase!

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