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  • Chemsorb General Absorbent is a unique alternative to spill response. Unlike clay, cellulose, polypropylene, and other agricultural-based solutions, Chemsorb traps the liquid into its structure for easy clean up.
  • A true absorbent. Chemsorb GA pulls the liquid into its’ core and traps it, leaving a dry and residue-free surface.
  • Chemsorb GA can absorb up to 7 times its own weight in liquid. Use less product and pick up 5 times more than clay products.
  • How important is time when cleaning up a spill? Chemsorb GA will absorb spills 3 times faster than the leading brand and not leave residue behind.
  • Lighter than leading clay brands. Chemsorb GA is easier to transport to the spill site, easier to handle, absorbs 7 times more and costs less to dispose than leading clay brands, saving time and money!
  • Meets all OSHA and EPA standards, silica free, environmentally safe for animals, plants and humans.

Chemsorb GA (General Absorbent) is the leading lightweight, fast-acting absorbent formulated to quickly clean up any liquid or semi-solid spill including: oil, grease, diesel fuel, gasoline, aviation fuel, chemicals, antifreeze, inks & dyes, solvents, coolants, pesticides, alcohols, aldehydes, caustic soda, aromatic hydrocarbons, paints, polymer monomers, acids (except Hydrofluoric Acid), and much more. Based on all natural perlite, this product is enhanced with a proprietary de-dusting technology which facilitates ease of use and fast absorption. Chemsorb will absorb 7 times more liquid than the leading clay brands and do it 3 times faster. When Chemsorb is swept up, the floor is left clean and dry, leaving a cleaner environment. Chemsorb meets all OSHA and EPA standards, it is silica free and USDA approved for use in food processing facilities. Chemsorb will absorb more liquid and use less product to do it than other brands. Which means we can reduce your disposal cost (in weight) by 5 times the leading clay brand. Chemsorb will save you time, money and leave a cleaner environment.


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30 Gallon Bag, 5 Gallon Bag Large Granules, 1 Gallon Bag, 5 Gallon Bag, 5 Gallon Pail, 30 Gallon Fiber Drum

6 reviews for CHEMSORB GA – General Absorbent

  1. Timothy Florence (verified owner)

    Received items ordered, in several days of placing order. Great products!!!

  2. Alfonso D.

    My plant manager says: “Why create another mess to clean up the original mess”. So much easier and cleaner than the other products we have tried. The Chemsorb GA really works great and leaves the floors super clean- won’t be buying anything else for the guys!

  3. Jane F.

    Found this product on line for my husband. Owns a small garage and the employees are always spilling something. Slip and fall injuries were always a threat, and this product ends all that! Easy to use, works as advertised, super fast shipment. Better than anything else we have tried! Very satisfied customer.

  4. Timothy Florence (verified owner)

    Quality products, good pricing, fast shipping

  5. Peter G.

    We use this product to contain, pick up, and clean up any spill situation in the plant. Works better than advertised- never going back to the clay style absorbents!! Very happy with fast shipping and customer service, too.

  6. Timothy Florence (verified owner)

    Works great

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