CHEMSORB™ GA – Landscaper Spill Response Kit, 5.5 Gallon Pick-Up Capacity


Ideal for stopping the spread and clean up of job site spills. This assortment of diking
tubes, pads and granular absorbent will absorb oil, grease, diesel fuel, gasoline,
chemicals and pesticides. Protect the environment, your customers and yourself from
spills with this 5.5 gallon clean up kit. Lightweight, silica free, FDA 21 CFR and NSF

• Multipurpose absorbent: Ideal hydraulic oil but will also absorb grease, diesel fuel,
gasoline, aviation fuel, chemicals, antifreeze, inks and dyes, solvents, coolant,
pesticides, alcohols, aldehydes and aromatic hydrocarbons

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Qty 10 – Universal absorbent pads (15″ x 18″) ,
Qty 2 – Diking tubes (3.5″ x 48″),
Qty 1 – 1 Gallon loose absorbent SP30GA,
Qty 1 – Pair best nitri-solve gloves (XL),
Qty 1 – Temp spill disposable bag


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