CHEMSORB FR – Flammable Liquid Retardant Absorbent

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  • Retards the ability of flammable liquids to rapidly combust in the presence of a spark or flame while absorbing the spill.
  • A true absorbent. Chemsorb FR pulls the flammable liquid into its’ core and traps it, leaving a dry and residue-free surface.
  • Chemsorb FR can absorb up to 3 times its’ own weight in liquid. Use less product and pick up 5 times more than clay products.
  • How important is time when cleaning up a spill? Chemsorb FR will absorb spills 3 times faster than the leading brand and not leave residue behind.
  • Lighter than leading clay brands. Chemsorb FR is easier to transport to the spill site, easier to handle, absorbs 7 times more and costs less to dispose than leading clay brands, saving time and money!

Chemsorb FR (Fire Retardant) absorbent is unlike any other product on the market. It is designed to absorb flammable liquids and retard the ability to rapidly combust in the presence of a spark or flame.  Chemsorb FR is the leading lightweight, fast-acting absorbent formulated to quickly clean up flammable liquids including: gasoline, diesel fuel, aviation fuel, kerosene, motor oils, transmission oils, paint primer, solvents, alcohols, inks & dyes, hydraulic fluids, chemicals and much more. Based on all natural perlite, this product is enhanced with a proprietary de-dusting and flammable liquid retardant technology. Chemsorb FR will absorb 5 times more liquid than the leading clay brands and do it 3 times faster. When Chemsorb is swept up, the floor is left clean and dry, leaving a cleaner environment. Chemsorb FR meets all OSHA and EPA standards and is silica free. Chemsorb FR will absorb more and use less product to do it, which means we can reduce your disposal cost (in weight) by 7 times the leading clay brand. Chemsorb will save you time, money and leave a cleaner environment.


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1 Gallon Bag, 5 Gallon Bag, 5 Gallon Pail, 30 Gallon Fiber Drum

3 reviews for CHEMSORB FR – Flammable Liquid Retardant Absorbent

  1. PeterG

    We sell a lot of this product to a fuel delivery client of ours- they love it!! The drivers like how the bags are light weight, the product is easy to apply and pick up, and the added ability to eliminate a dangerous fire situation is icing on the cake. Does great with gasoline and diesel, and makes a great addition to any spill kit if your hauling fuel.

  2. Fred Sounder

    Great product. We haul a lot of fuel, and a fuel spill are always a concern. Really happy to have a product on the trucks that can handle such and emergency.

  3. Joseph Rogers Jr (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, Just what customer service advised me of.

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