Chemsorb Caustic Alkaline Neutralizing Absorbent Kit – 7 Gallons


Provides safe and efficient spill control for most primary amines, secondary amines and common caustics. Chemical neutralizing formula provides safe spill control with color changing indicator that lets the responder know when the acid has been neutralized and is ready to handle.

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Qty 1 – Purple spill response duffel bag,
Qty 3 – CA absorbent pillows (11″ x 21″ x 2″),
Qty 3 – CA Diking tubes (3.5″ x 48″),
Qty 1 – Pair best nitri-solve gloves (XL),
Qty 2 – Temp spill disposable bags,
Qty 1 – Pair safety goggles,
Qty 2 – 1 Gal loose absorbent SP70CA,
Qty 2 – Hazardous waste labels,
Qty 2 – Nonhazardous waste labels,
Qty 1 – Spill kit instructions


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