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Standard Biohazard Spill Kit: SP80BH-KLG

  • 1 Lb. bag of General Absorbent to clean up, quickly absorb, and remove spill
  • Personal protective equipment components of the kit help minimize exposure to potentially harmful substances
  • Safely clean up potentially infectious bodily fluids such as vomit, spit, blood, or urine with tools and disposal bag
  • Disposable biohazard liner to prevent cross contamination
  • Includes: Qty 1 – Red spill response duffel bag, Qty 3 – Pillow (8.5″ x 8.5″ x 2″), Qty 3 – BZK Antiseptic wipes, Qty 3 – Hazardous waste label, Qty 1 – 1 Gallon loose SP30GA absorbent, Qty 1 – Pair safety goggles, Qty 1 – Broom/Dust pan set, Qty 1 – Pair PVC chemical gloves, Qty 3 – Biohazard bags, Qty 1 – Heavy duty cleaning wipes, Qty 1 – Particulate mask with filter
  • Absorbency per pack: 1 Gallon

Standard Biohazard Spill Kit Refill: SP80BH-KLGR

  • Refill Kit includes all products listed above except for Red Duffel Bag
  • Absorbency per pack: 1 Gallon

Small Biohazard Spill Kit (2 Pack): SP80BH-KSM

  • Reduce time, cost, labor, and odors involving bodily fluid accidents, each Clean Up kit will cover up to 20 sq.-ft. area
  • Will help prevent slips and falls from biohazard & common spills throughout facilities
  • Engineered with new technology that accelerates performance and reduces liability
  • Absorbs blood, urine, vomit and other bodily fluids
  • Includes: Qty 1 – 1 Gal SP30GA absorbent, Qty 2 – Biohazard bags, Qty 1 – Mini broom/dust pan, Qty 1 – Particulate mask with filter, Qty 1 – Pair vinyl disposable gloves, Qty 2 – BZK Antiseptic wipes, Qty 2 – Hazardous waste labels, Qty 1 – Spill kit instructions
  • Number of kits: 2

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